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So have I told you guys about this, yet?

This is an experimental GN I just finished up the script for. It’s about 134 pages, and it’s period erotica, c. 1963-65. (Think the first three seasons of Mad Men.)The plot concerns lifestyle femdom, comic strips, closet cases, and some poor dumb kid what kinda wishes he was a beatnik sometimes, cuz they liked boys too and everybody seemed pretty okay with it.

The stars are Joseph (the blonde), Roya (the woman) and Wylie (the brunette). The art is by ghostgreen. We’re aiming for a year-long production, with a Kickstarter to get it published.

If this works (as in, if the book is well-received, if the KS succeeds), I’ll make more sexy GNs, and hire some other folks to make some, too. I’ll make a whole line of these. Erotic GNs.

Maybe you’ll write one? I dunno.

Four things I've learned from conservatives about successful liberal women

1. If you’re a woman married to a successful politician, and you are a successful politician, you only got there because of your man. Duh. Even if you were considered a rising political star before you married him. [Note: This doesn’t apply to Elizabeth Dole. OBVIOUSLY.]

2. If you’ve ever been a single mom and broke, scared and working several jobs to get through school, that part of your past doesn’t count in your life story if you marry a supportive nice guy later. As Disney has taught us, princes wipe the slate clean.

3. If a man leaves his wife in charge of the kids while he advances his career—basically every family man who’s ever been deployed in the military—he’s a hero. If a woman does it, she’s a criminally horrible mom.

4. If you’re single woman and successful in high political circles, you’re probably a lesbian. If you’re not, you’re a slut.

Rhys's Random Acts of Kindness Birthday Jan 18-19



Hi friends!  

I am having a birthday soon and (in the spirit of GISHWHES) I want to celebrate by having acts of kindness done across the world. I would love to have you celebrate with me!

To join me in my efforts, join the event, and just do an act of kindness that is above and beyond what you would normally do.  Snap a pic, if you can, and tell me about it on the event page.

I really want to spread as much kindness as possible.  Please join, and if you can’t commit to at least one act of kindness, reblog for me so as many people as possible go out and do good work.  Thank you!


John Cheese: Here Are A Lot Of Words

A lot of very good words. I was one of those people bagging on Chappelle. I never thought of it this way.


Dave Chappelle said one of my favorite things any celebrity has ever said, and to get the true impact, you really need to hear it come from him. I understand that not everyone clicks on videos, but I implore you to because it’s important to my point. It will only take a minute and a half of your…

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